Friendly Creepers

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Hey everyone! This time ive made the Friendly Creepers Mod This mod adds 2 mobs and a structure!


Friendly Creeper, Friendly Creepers dont attack you but help you with killing mobs they will explode if killed and follow you when you are holding gunpowder.

Hostile Creeper, Hostile Creepers are melee mobsa just like friendly creepers but these attack the friendly creepers and not the mobs these creepers will aslo explode if killed.


Creeper House, Creeper houses are green light green white and use some stone in it theres 2 friendly creepers sea lanterns and a iron block they only spawn in the plains biome (If you want to just see them go to superflat world)


Creeper House Spawner (Creative Only) This Item Is currently glitched when clicked on a block it looks like its there but if you right click the blocks they will disappear and if you relog the house is gone.. Strange



+Added Creeper House (Structure)

+Added Friendly Creepers

+Added Hostile Creepers

+Added Creeoer House Summoner (Currently Glitched)

Hope you enjoy the mod leave suggestions if you have any! 

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Submitted by ModDevJ on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 15:30

The mod already exists and friendly creepers are boring but good idea actually!