Many Boss Mod(1.8)

Published by MrRizzle on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 12:12
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This mod adds many challenging booses to your game.Instead of only two bosses,why not more?The boss are really over powered and they can spawn around the world!Diamond armor set is not enough to beat this bosses or I would say my creations!

  • This is for 1.8 as it says in the title itself!
  • There are currently 9 bosses in this mod!
  • More will be adding and they will be more better!Dimensions and biomes are also added!

Weapons and food  are not added yet.

This are the bosses currently in the mod now!

  1. Brutus-Big Wolf with manes that roams in the plains of minecraft,gets stronger at night time!The strongest of the wolfs themselves and the fiercest creature to roam!
  2. Simar The Sand King-An ancient king who rules the sands with soldiers,controlling the deserts of minecraft now is being resurrected by crafting the simaris.
  3. Demonic Tauros-Flying Demon Bull who roams minecraft destroying any living creatures it sees and destroying the nature world!
  4. Swift-A rogue who learns how to use speed magics,faster than the speed of light and sound itself!Swift also hates the river monster for killing his master!
  5. SokChes The River Monster-The Demon looking Monster lurks in the Haunting Rivers,devouring any single creature he could trick and deceive,the dead ghostly creatures in the Rivers are all devoured,killed by Sok....Ches
  6. Gakosh,Space Entity-An unknown entity from space,it is also a part from space itself,using totems like attacks to kill and destroy the earth.Sighted only in the ExtremeHills of minecraft!
  7. Klax-The Giant sand monster,the cause of all the holes in the desert acting as an antlion trap to capture innocent victims and kill it.He roams in the desert searching for victims to devour until there is no more living thing in the desert itself!
  8. Sklax Of The Deep Sea-Emerge from the deep sea abyss,arriving at the beach of minecraft to start it's havoc onto the world by flooding it with Dark Sea!
  9. Hacles King Of The Underworld-The king of the underworld controls the tentacles around the world,judging the mortal life,he who controls the underworld seeks no mercy....


  1. Dread-Once human,now an undead wanderer roaming around searching for another victim to kill,manipulated by the one who killed and devour them,SokChes!
  2. River Mite-Small creatures in the woods devoured.....turned into small wicked flesh eaters to now kill the decomposing corpse and livings!
  3. Treeman-Spawns in the jungle area to disguise himself as a tree to kill humans who have destroyed nature!


  1.  HauntingRiver-the place of the undead creatures and the home of the demon lurks in this place,no other living dare to set foot into this place!Death will always be.......


  1. Xerath-The underworld of the desert,where the ancient king's remains is found!

This is all currently in the mod!It is still developing so give me some suggestions and I might try to improve my mod! 

Boss Abilities

  • Brutus
  1. Gets stronger at night time (High strength,Speed,Regeneration,High jump)
  2. Gets weaker in Sunlight
  • Simar
  1. Spawns sand soldiers (Sand Soldier,Sandstorm)both is long ranged soldiers)
  2. Gains High Strength during the daylight
  • Demonic Tauros
  1. Fly
  2. Shoot wither heads
  3. Break blocks
  • Swift
  1. High speed and damage
  2. Uses potions to boosts stats
  • SokChes
  1. Swallows the victim without diamond armor,causing an instant kill 
  2. High defense
  3. High Regeneration
  • Gakosh
  1. Spawns lightning totems
  2. Incredible regeneration
  • Klax
  1. Spawns Fire
  2. A chance of exploding when jumping
  3. High health
  • Sklax
  1. Spawns water around him
  2. Toggles rain(While raining he can turn invisible at random momments)
  3. Spawns deep sea creatures which shoots projectile and can swim in the water he spawns in
  4. Incredible Strength
  • Hacle
  1. Turning invisible,spawning bats
  2. Spawn tentacles which shoots out Space Aura which will wither the player to death if they have the item in their inventory
  3. Super Strength(Powerful armor is needed against this boss)
  4. Incredible speed(slower than swift,faster than Player's normal speed)


  • 1.1
  1. Added Klax
  2. Added Garrosh,removing Basi
  3. Added Mushroom Porridge 
  • 1.2
  1. Added 2 Bosses Sklax and Hacle
  2. Added The Etherion and Chlorophyte Set tools
  3. Added enhancer and the Swift Soul
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Hi there i like the look of your mod but i don't know how to get it if you can tell me i would really like that thanks ;)