Evolution Craft {1.7.10} REMASTERED

Published by ModDevJ on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 13:45
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Evolution Craft 1.7.10 

Mod of ModDevJ


This mod adds different items of different times like a handaxe which was used in the stone-age or a laser-blaster in the future...

And armours, like the rometime-armor or the animalfor...And an enyclopedia with a mini-description will also be added!

Here are a few items with description:

Version 1.0.0:

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-So there is the handaxe which can be crafted with seven flint! 

The handaxe is a multitool which was used in the stone-age and the first tool! It isn't very durable but very efficient, so you can easily break blocks, but the block won't drop anything: Example you break stone and cobblestone won't come out but if you break ores the ores will drop!


-Coppercelt: Ötzi

Ötzi was found in the Ötztaler Alps in austria/italy he had a coppercelt and you can still break a tree with it! 

You can craft it with 2 copperingots and 2 sticks


-Noricumsword: Asterix and Obelix

A noricum-sword has got 16 attack-damage and can be crafted with 2 noricumingots and 1 stick.



A handhoe is not good but was in the old times very important!


-Golden Shovel

This tool already exists but is "hardened" and more durable!



A new badest armor it is not very durable and not good



You already know it from the Mo'Tools Mod



Just watch above to see the description


-Evolution's Encyclopedia

This is a very short description about the mod!




My mod is NEI compatible so just install Not Enough Items here:


Install Code-Chicken-Core and Not-Enough-Items!!


The next update will be here in 1 week, but I can't promise,..


Version 1.1.0:


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