MoarCraft v.1

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MoarCraft is a mod that is used to make minecraft more exiting.Right now im trying to take popular mods and break them up into there key conponents for people who dont have a big beefy computer to hold all these mods.It isnt very big so far but i will keep working on it.Please report any bugs to me and remember this was made by a 12 year old.

So far i have added

Copper Tools and Armor

Bronze Tools and Armor

Emerald Tools and Armor

Silver Tools and Armor

Ruby Tools and Armor

Copper,Bronze,Iron, and Silver Dust(it may be called crushed)

And of Course Ores and Ingots For All The New Material

Coming Soon - Chests,Machines,Guns,Crossbows,More Ores and Ingots,Angel Armor,Reaper Armor,Underworld Dimension,Overworld Dimension,More Mobs,New Biomes, and Much More!

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