CrMod 1.2.8 Element Edition (for 1.7.10)

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This mod adds many blocks, items, and armors into your minecraft worlds. If there are any glitches (which I know there are) report them to me if they mess with your gaming experience. There is a YouTube video on my Minecraft account explaining the majority of the working parts of this mod. For crafting recipes and information, install NEI or Craft Guide or go to the CrMod Wiki (still in progress). There is also an Excel document of every item in this mod, including what me and Jeff plan to add in the future.

This is also the ELEMENT EDITION of the mod, so if you are all geeky about minecraft AND the periodic table, this is the perfect mod for you!

This mod was made in conjunction with Jeff Ledwin, so go check out his YouTube account, Jeff Ledwin Plays Minecraft, and show your support by subscribing.

Special thanks to furball67, he tested the Alpha versions of this mod.


There is one glitch related to paradxium ore that will mess you up! Be sure that whenever you right click paradaxium ore that you have TWO OR MORE buckets in your hand, otherwise you will lose your bucket and not get the paradaxium.


Have fun with this mod! If you like it and want more, check out my channel at The Minecrafter of Iron, and if you like that too, feel free to subscribe!


This mod was made originally for mapmakers, so you can enjoy this in a good map or two also!

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