Dark Descent

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Descend into the hellish nightmare of the Dark Descent...

Hellloooo Everybody! Back again with ANOTHER MOD! It has been a long time! This mod is like a mixture of all of my other mods into one big piece of crap!

1.0.1 : The Main Launch

yay, lists...

  • Added Dark Lilac
  • Added Dark Lilac petals
  • Added Darkness Dust
  • Added Darkness Gemstone
  • Added Compacted Darkness
  • Added Darkness Armour set (Better than Diamond)
  • Added Darkness Rifle (Currently OP af, Uses Darkness Gems for Ammo)
  • Added Spider Bait
  • Added Nature's Growth
  • Added Darkness Tool Set
  • Added Spider Larva (unused, comment ideas for it)
  • Added Crafting Reciped for Aragogian's Egg
  • Added Aragogian (Boss)
  • Added Radioactive String
  • Added Radioactive-laced everything
  • Added Hardered Cholophyte (unused, comment Ideas)
  • Added Blessed Apple
  • Added Eden's Apple
  • Added Death Wisp (for le lulz)
  • Added Radioactive wool
  • Added Cow Lord (Boss, Final for this version)
  • Added Bat Sceptre (for le lulz)

Ew, Bugs...

  • Using the Bat Sceptre or Radioactive Wool will summon a No-AI Clone.
  • Everything being op

Update 1.0.2 : Draconion Update

You can't expect much from me, but 2 updates right after another is just weird.

  • Added Draconion Wastleland Biome
  • Added Sacered Boar (Drops Raw Sacered Bacon)
  • Added Draconion Minion (Drops Blaze Rods currenlty)
  • Added Cooked and Raw Sacered Bacon
  • Added Dark Ages (Portal is made with Compacted Darkness, lit with Banisher of Souls) (Not finished)
  • Added Banisher of Souls
  • Added Plaughx
  • Added Plaughx Strings
  • Added a way to craft Plaughx
  • Added a way to get Flamish wood Via Cholophyte
  • Cholophyte Main usage is to make plants

1.0.3: Radom Shiz Update

This updated added like tons of things but badly implemented...

  • Added Spider Nest Biome (Webbed Spider Nest and Spider Nests)
  • Spider Larva spawning in Spider Nest
  • Added Slime Prince Boss
  • Added Slimey Parcel (Or present)
  • Added Slime Helmet
  • Added Golden Leather (Dropped by Cow Lord)
  • Added Golden Leather Set (Gives you buffs, but has really low duribility)
  • Added Mana Core
  • Added Lava Staff (First of Many)
  • Added Demon Ruler
  • Added Sword of the Hero (I worked so damn hard on that texture, you better love it!) (Dropped by Demon Ruler)
  • Added Portable Trash Can (Really buggy)
  • Added TrashCan (Also Buggy)


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