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Zimaxar Craft is a mod that adds new armor, weapons, tools, blocks, ore and items. In the future it will add some dimensions, biomes, food, plants, mobs, and more! Anyone can use this in a modpack too. This mod is a W.I.P so lots of updates will be coming out soon!! 

Recipes/Info  Sorry i couldn't use picture so i will just type it.To get a Exoturnium gem you need to smelt a Exoturnium Chunk which drops from Exoturnium Ore. Then you smelt Carnil ore to get a Carnil Bar. Combine Carnil Bar with Exoturnium Gem to get a Nikiparia gem which is ued to craft the Nikiparia sword. The Nikiparia sword is crafted like any sword but with Nikiparia Gem instead of diamond or gold or whatever. It is the same thing when crafting the Exoturnium Sword. Just put a stick and two Exoturnium Gems on top of it. You also craft the Exoturnium armor with Exoturnium gem (same way you would to make any armor). And if you want to go to the ghost lands put a Carnil Bar in the middle of your crafting table and to the right of it place a Exoturnium CHUNK. You can craft Exoturnium tools the same way you would with any tools but with exoturnium inestead. Magic food is crafted with one magic dust in the middle (you get it from Magic Plant or Magic ore ) and place sugar to the right of it to get magic food. Placing 1 magic dust in the middle will give you a Ray Gun. You can also get a Magic Block by placing 9 magic dust. Butcher knifes are good for hunting so you might want to craft one. Place a stick in the middle bottom box and two iron above it. Next to the two iron place to more to the right. Candy is made placing 1 sugar in the middle. You can also get it from candy block in the candy dimension. The outside of the portal is made with candy blocks and can be ignited using a candy.You can also get Crystal from Crystal ore which is ued to make armor and weapons.If you really want to you can make a zombie spawner which is made from one rotten flesh in the middle bottom box, 1 rotten flesh above it, and 1 rotten brain (you get it from Zombie 2) above the rotten flesh to get a zombie spawner. 





Version 0.1 - Minecraft 1.7.2 (First Release)

Adds 2 new ores (Exoturnium and Carnil)

Adds 2 new weapons (Nikiparia Sword and Exoturnium Sword)

Adds 4 new items (Carnil Bar, Exoturnium Chunk, Exoturnium Gem, Nikiparia Gem)

Adds 1 new armor set (Exoturnium Armor)

Adds 4 new tools (Exoturnium Pickaxe, axe, and shovel)

Version 0.1.1 - Minecraft 1.7.10 (Miner's Soul Update) 

Changed to minecraft 1.7.10 

Adds 3 new mobs (Miner's Soul, Angry Miner's Soul, and Zimaxar)

Version 0.2 -Minecraft 1.8 (Ghost Update)

Changed to minecraft 1.8

Adds 3 new blocks (Ghost Wood, Ghost Leaves, and Ghost Stone)

Adds 1 new dimension (Ghost Land)

Adds 1 new item (Ghost Land Igniter)

Version 0.2.1 - Minecraft 1.8 (Bug Fixes Update)   

Removed Portal Igniter and Ghostlands 

Fixed some bugs

Version 0.3 -Minecraft 1.8 (Magic Update) 

Adds 1 new Plant (Magic Plant)

Adds 1 new Item (Magic Dust) 

Adds 1 new gun (Ray Gun) 

Adds 1 new mob (Magic Man)

Adds 1 new ore( Magic Ore)

Adds 1 new block ( Magic Block)

Adds 1 new food( Magic Food) 

Version 0.4 -Minecraft 1.8 (50 Downloads update) 

Adds 4 new tools (crystal tools and a butcher knife)

Adds 1 new armor set (crystal armor)

Adds 2 new mobs (Notch and Zombie 2)

Adds 2 new items (Rotten Brain and Crystal)

Adds 1 new food (Candy) 

Adds 1 new dimension (Candy Land)

Adds 1 new block (Candy block)

Adds 1 new ore (Crystal Ore)

Adds 1 new recipe (Zombie Spawner)

Adds 1 new weapon (Crystal Sword)

Version 0.4.1 -Minecraft 1.8 (New Tabs  Update)

Adds 3 New tabs (Items, Blocks, and Ores)

Fixed 1 bug

Version 0.5 -Minecraft 1.8 (75 Downloads update)

Adds 1 new food (Pie)

Adds 1 new ore (Ghost Iron Ore)

Adds 1 new Items (Ghost Iron Bar)

Adds 2 new dimensions (Fun Land and Land Of The Dead)

Adds 1 new armor set ( Ghost Iron Armor) 

Adds 3 new tools (Ghost Iron pickaxe, axe and shovel)

Adds 1 new mob ( Ghost Spider)

Adds 1 new weaopon ( Ghost Iron Sword)

Adds 1 new gun ( Ghost Gun)

Modification files
Zimaxar Craft 0.3.zip - Zimaxar Craft 0.3 -Minecraft 1.8 (64.18 KB)64.18 KB
Zimaxar Craft 0.4.zip - Zimaxar Craft 0.4 -Minecraft 1.8 (211.16 KB)211.16 KB
Zimaxar Craft 0.4.1.zip - Zimaxar Craft 0.4.1 -Minecraft 1.8 (195.42 KB)195.42 KB
Zimaxar Craft 0.5.zip - Zimaxar Craft 0.5 -Minecraft 1.8 (246.12 KB)246.12 KB