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V2 Items

(in order of what items these recipies craft)

Magical Stone

Emerald Sword

Emerald Axe

Magical Dust

Emerald Shovel

Emerald Pickaxe

Dominus Coal

Maleficus Coal

Magical Coal

Emerald Hoe






Update 3 includes:




+Emerald Armour

+Dark Matter (armour,block,item and tools)


Magic and Exploration! What more could you want!




Emerald armour


Dark Matter Tools

In order:

DM Pickaxe

DM Sword

DM Axe

DM Shovel

DM Hoe


Dark Matter:


DM Block:


DM Armour


Peridot,Sapphire and Ruby naturally are found as ore, so cannot be crafted.


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