Star Wars Craft

Published by warnau on Fri, 12/04/2015 - 18:09
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(Excuse-me for my english, I'm french, thanks)

This mod add:

- 1 mob : the clone ! He will kill you with his blaster !

- 4 "swords" : the lightsabers !

- 1 gun : the blaster and his ammo : the laser ammo !

So with this mod, you can play at Star Wars in Minecraft !

Good playing !

Exist in french and english

Modification files

Haha your mod have potential but please change the name xD When I saw "StarCraft" I thought it was a StarCraft/StarCraft 2 mod and for a moment I got excited :PIf you dont know Starcraft is a space themed RTS game made by Blizzard Entertainment.