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The LAVA SWORD can kill anything in one hit except for the ender dragon and the wither.  To craft the LAVA SWORD you need 5 obsidian and 4 lava buckets.  You need to arrange the obsidian in an x shape pattern in the crafting table and then put the lava buckets in the remaining slots.  You can also smelt a nether star in a furnace to get the LAVA SWORD as well.  The LAVA SWORD has 500 uses.

To get a set of Wither Armor  you need to get 24 wither skulls and put the skulls in a crafting table like you are crafting regular armor.

To craft the Lava Bow you need 3 buckets of lava, 3 obsidian, and 1 arrow.  You need to arrange the obsidian as you would if you were crafting a bow with sticks. Then put the lava buckets as you would string if you were crafting a bow.  Finally you need to put an arrow in the middle.

This mod is just supposed to make more items be in the game for you to collect.

This mod was made by Questrocker:

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