Noobish's Mod Of Random Things Ver. 1.0.0!!!

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this is my first mod in MCreator,so,please,don't Hoot Noobish!

this little mod adds a bunch of new features that came into my mind to Minecraft.


Goron:  drops:iron ingot,gold ingot (RARE) gorons are pacific mobs that spawn in Extreme Hills Biome.   Skull Poe(i have permission to use SpikyBumJolteon's Model): drops:Skull Poe (Item) Skull Poes are hostile mobs that spawn only in the swampland,at the day or the night.when they die,they drop a bottle containing a liquid that gives you ghast tear potion effect if you drink it.   Mummy(Redead from OOT): drops:string,paper (RARE) Mummies are hostile mobs that spawn in Desert (in dungeons too).they are very strong regarding damage,but they are kinda weak regarding the Hitpoints.   Scorpion: drops:raw crab Scorpions are Hostile mobs taht spawn in desert. they are VERY BUT VERY stronger than spiders.they have loads of HP and loads of damage.a Musket may kill them instantly.   Jim(Naja Snake): drops:spider eye,fermented spider eye(RARE) the Jim,more known as Naja on the real life,are Hostle mobs(HOLY JESUS,HOSTILE AGAIN?!)that spawn in desert.they are REALLY fast and cause a lot of havoc on your bidding,but they weakness is,you can kill one using only the HAND!(8 punches to kill).   Walrus(bad model): drops:snowball!! walrus are PACIFIC mobs that spawn ONLY in icy plains.soon i will add a penguin to this mod and then,walrus will kill penguins!   Dodongosaur (Larva): drops:gunpowder,firework star(RARE) THEESE ARE ANNOYING AS HECK.YOU CAN'T BYPASS THEM!,dodongosaur larva are demoniac,small snake-looking like Mob that spawns in icy mountains.well,when theese demons attack,they simply EXPLODE A HUGE EXPLOSION.and,they LEAP ON YOU!,well,when they die,they EXPLODE TOO! NO WAY TO BYPASS THIS ONE.    Dodongosaur: drops:fire charge,blaze powder(RARE) dodongosaur are hostile mobs that spawn only in icy mountains(well,they are evolved dodongosaur larvas,so....)unlike the freakin'larva version of him,he bites you instead of exploding ya face,it has loads of HP,but,when they die......mind what will happen to your bidding.   crab:(NO IMAGE,VERY SMALL MOB) drops:raw crab crab are hostile mobs that spawn in beachs.they are fast mobs with low HP,and big damage.


items(UNFINISHED,will be shown later).



Shangri-La: shangri-la is a Hard-as-heck-to-enter Dimension with LOADS,LOADS AND MORE LOADS OF.........Diamond Blocks(well,you meant what for a Paradise?).it requires Shangri-La Portal Blocks to build the portal and a Germanium Crystal to ignite.


that's all for now,Folks! 

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