The Dead Are Coming


TDAC (The Dead Are Coming) adds tons of new items, weapons, foods, and mobs. Please give me more ideas in the comments!



Adds Spiked Baseball Bat

Adds Baseball Bat

Adds Fire Axe

Adds Female Zombie

Adds AR-15

Adds Glock

Adds AK-47

Adds Canned Fish

Adds Canned Beans

Adds Canned Meat

Adds Canned Pasta

Adds Bullet


Adds Strong Zombie

Adds Angry Zombie


Changed Strong Zombie's Drop


Adds Reinforced Stone


Adds Pear



Time for my vacation! No more time going to that stupid job for awhile. Now I can spend time with family and friends. I think I should watch some tv for now. "Scientists have failed" "They have turned the people who needed the cure into crazy people!" "They are killing so many people" They don't act normal" "They will kill us if we don't keep them all in one place and lock them up" "They won't talk" They instantly try to kill you "They just don't look the same either" "They look nasty and look like they killed and got killed and came back to life" "They are....... AHHHHH! Stop! Help! They are here! Were going to die! Help! HELP! THEY ARE AFTER ME. The crazy people are after me! Save ME FROM THESE KILLERS. THOSE SCIENTISTS PUT ALL OUR LIVES IN DANGER" Ok I think I have enough tv for today. I'm just going crazy and seeing things and hearing things and... "The front door busts open" "Sir, we found you wife laying on the ground near others." She was one of the 3 people who lived" Some guy just came outside his house and started to EAT people!" WAIT! "What!?" You mean the thing on tv was real! "Yeah, duh" "Come on get your family and lets go to my base were there are plenty of supplies and more things" "We'll be safe there" Ok lets go. I'll get the kids you guys get in the truck outside. James , Kristy we have to go, come your mom is hurt and we need to go somewhere safe. "OK dad" Lets go, we need to hurry. The dead are coming.....

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