Arzona Craft

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Arzona Craft is a mod based on magic. It will add new foods, ores, blocks, mobs, weapons, tools, items, and more


Adds Magic Ore

Adds Crystal

Adds Magic Essence

Adds Wand

Adds Gold Coin

Adds 3 new tabs

Adds 3 new GUIs

There will be no more updates because mcreator lost everything! Atleast I had a backup but sadly nothing from the mod was in there. was about to come out! It would add 50+ new things just in that update. : (

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In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
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Submitted by Pierex on Wed, 12/30/2015 - 02:44

Can you provide some screenshots?

For some reason I can take screenshots but I have no idea where they go. I will try
to do that.