Doener Mod 1.7.10

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Döner Mod for Forge Minecraft 1.7.10

This small mod adds döner to Minecraft. There is a filled Döner Bax (there were series of döner boxes with a writing mistake so they were called döner bax instead of döner box) and a emty one. The empty döner box can be dropped by destroying grass like seeds. It can also be crafted like a bucket made of paper but only in the upper area of the crafting field. A filled döner bax is being crafted by placing a baked potato in the middle of the upper row in a crafting table, a cooked beef next to it on the right side and a empty döner bax below the baked potato. When you eat the döner bax, the empty box is going to be returned to your inventory.

The empty döner bax can be stacked to three items, filled döner bax need each a own slot.

Döner in creative mode

empty döner bax: Tab "miscellaneous"

filled döner bax: Tab "food"

Food value of the döner box

The döner bax refills 8 of 20 hunger coils.

Known bugs

If there are 8 or more of 20 hunger coils are filled, sometimes full hunger is refilled by eating a döner bax.


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