Cheap Crafting Mod

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Makes getting rare items easier!

To craft gold: ink sac surrounded by cobblestone.

To craft obsibian: stone also surrounded by cobblestone.

To craft iron: coal surrounded by cobblestone (again).

To craft diamonds: dirt surrounded by cobblestone.

To craft emeralds: glass surrounded by cobblestone.

To craft blaze rods: stick surrounded by cobblestone.

To craft enchanted apples: apple surrounded by cobblestone..

To craft golden carrot: carrot surrounded by cobblestone.

To craft string: bone surrounded by cobblestone.

To craft ender pearls: sand surrounded by cobblestone.

Enjoy the mod!

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Great job! You just completely overthrew the purpose of Survival Mode!

This ruins the fun of mining and battling mobs to find the ores yourself. Might as well add a keybind to fill the players inventory with stacks of iron diamonds gold emeralds lapis and make a diamond biome