Improved FNaF Mod, Version 2.0

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Hi and Welcome to my Improved FNaF Mod!

FNaF is a Famous horror game by Scott Cawthon that has 5 games, including Sister Location as the fifth one.

If you know, a long time ago, I did a FNaF Mod, more like, Five Nights at "Creeper's" Mod.

I wanted to make a Improved Version, all, because of the hate that the old mod had.

All the Skins are made in Nova Skin at 258x128 pixels.

1.5 Update is here!: Added Puppet, Freddy's Microphone, Purple's Man Knife and Chica's Cupcake.

2.0 Update is here!: Added Baby, Freddy from FNaF1, and Baby's Microphone.

Here are the things that are for now:

-Freddy Fazbear.



-Purple Man.

-The Puppet.

-The EndoSkeleton.

-Baby the Futuristic SpringLock.

-Freddy's Microphone.

-Baby's Microphone.

-Purple's Man Knife.

-Chica's Cupcake.

Enjoy the mod and wait for updates!

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