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Hey there! this is a development of my mod. i have not yet figured how to put the mod in a .jar or .zip file. it doesnt work for me, so here is the files. if someone may please extract it into a zip or jar file for me. that would be very helpful.

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hello this is me pvpvillager! if someone would please extract and export my mod into a zip or jar and test it if it works. that would be very helpful. if it indeed works, i will continue working on my mod. i hvae tons of stuff to add including 20 different mobs, 10 different ores, 7 different dimensions,10 biomes,15 dungeons and structures, and multiple tools, foods, items and blocks. as you can see i will be working hard on it. i wont work on my mod if it wont work at all (that would be pointless and waste of time). so please test it someone and report to me if it works. thanks, pvpvillager