SiCraft Alpha (Abandoned)

Published by simon9664 on Sat, 01/16/2016 - 23:30
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"Please Note, This Mod is in Alpha and May Be Buggy or UnStable"

Welcome to SiCraft Alpha! This Mod 'will' add so many Items and Blocks in Future Updates!

Current Stable Version: 0.0.1

Last Version: N/A



  -Adds Pelitium Ore, Ingot, and Armor Set

  -Adds Infinity Stone Ore and Gem

  -Adds Refined Pelitium

  -Adds a Seperate Creative Tab


  -Pelitium Armor Set Gives you Strength, NightVision, JumpBoost, and Regeneration

  -Infinity Stone Ore is Very Rare and Spawns Anywhere in the Overworld

  -Pelitium Ore is As Rare as Iron and Spawns Anywhere in the Overworld

  -Refined Pelitium Ingots are Made by Smelting Refined Iron



  -When Pelitium Armor Set is Put Taken Off, the Potion Effects Aren't Removed


Features I Need Help With:

  -When All Armor is Put on, Potion Effects Are Given, Not when 1 Piece is on

If You Want to Help Me, Say So, and I will Give you My Skype














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