Loot Roulette

Published by Triactis on Sun, 01/17/2016 - 04:15
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Updating once 1.9 mcreator comes out



~A mod that took way to long to make~


Now that you know the name and stuff, let me explain how loot roulette works.

First off, loot roulette is a very endgame mod, but can still be done early in progression. The mod's base components are:

- The Material Cache- a bound set of materials used to make Unique and powerful weapons, drops materials based on a random number generator and can be found in dungeons or made (use nei for recipe)

- Common material- drops in sets of 4 from material caches no matter what.

- Uncommon material- Drops in sets of 2  (50% chance to obtain)

- Rare material- Drops as a single amount (20% chance to obtain)

- Legendary material- Drops as a single amount (2% chance to drop)




Due to every item in the game only being found through the use of a RNG system, this increases the difficulty and time needed to obtain weapons (it works a bit like Crates in CS:GO or Black Ops 3) so some people may play this mod and never get a legendary material.


every week i will add and extra loot, the loot made by arranging the materials in patterns on the crafting grid and they all are equal to or better than diamond.- use nei for the recipes-







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Submitted by GH127 on Sun, 01/17/2016 - 17:03

This is the type of mod that you wont stop playing for a while (Thats what happened to me atleast XD)Its a great and simple mod,I spent a few hours on this mod and still didnt got a single legendary material and I wont stop untill I get all the 5 weapons.Hope you continue updating this mod because for some reason I really liked it ;)

@#2 thanks man, glad you liked it, spent a long time trying to think of a small but enjoyable mod that adds just the right amount of stuff. the next set of weapons will come out this Wednesday btw, so keep an eye out!