Published by beast351x on Mon, 01/18/2016 - 13:22
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This mod adds three crystals that are used to make awesome gear, but you cannot mine the crystal. The crystals are crafted with complex crafting recipes because the gear is worth all the trouble with crafting the crystals. The only way to get the green crystal is by smelting the purple crystals. The green crystals are used in the crafting recipe to make the Blood crystal.This mod also adds OP gear, such as a three pickaxes, shovels, axes, and swords. I didn't add a hoe because well they would be useless (no one uses diamond hoes). The last tier of armor gives you flight in survival mode. I am working on the 1.8.9 version of this mod now, but this version isn't finished yet and I need feedback on what to add. I hope you enjoy this mod, good luck and have fun. I added two guns to the mod, the machine gun and the sniper rifle. I didn't make it to where you can zoom in and out though, I will try to figure out how to do that next. I also added in an Ultra crystal, which has to be activated by putting it in the crafting table and put redstone blocks on top, bottom, right and left of the Ultra Crystal (Unactivated). I also added an obsidian ingot, which is obtainable by placing a piece of obsidian in the crafting table. You use the obsidian ingots to make obsidian tools. You also use the ingot to create the Ultra crystal. Please enjoy my mod.






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Submitted by beast351x on Mon, 01/18/2016 - 13:24

This mod adds the best armor, tools and weapons in the game. It is tough to create them, but it is meant to have a goal to look forward too when you have nothing else to do with diamonds and emeralds. Enjoy and have fun.

Submitted by beast351x on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 06:56

For those who download this mod, please give feedback giving me more ideas for the 1.8.9 version. Thank you for downloading my mod.

Submitted by beast351x on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 05:27

Hey guys, I am implementing this mod into my new one. If you want to see the developing process follow me on youtube or twitch. I might live stream it.