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Welcome All!!!!

This is my 2nd Mod and it's a ... Scary Mod!!!!

It's The SCP Mod! it add a tab with all object , like 2 armor ,SCP eye and meat , gun and more!

If you like it leave a comment! and for next version , just ask! (example : i want the SWAT mob , and i will try to make it!)

It's made with a friend!!!

for the crafting guide go install NEI because its impossible to write all the crafting (sorry for that)!




Well ... Hope you enjoy and ... see you next time !


I'm alredy working on a new mod! =) i don't spoiler but i say that will be a bigggg mod! =)


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Hey, it's me Doobleberry, So yea (if you haven't read the discription of my mod) you may use my mod in a modpack