Meric Ore

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This is my first mod,and one of the most useless mods you've ever seen.It adds a new ore to your world with my name on it: 'Meric Ore'.(My name is not Meric Ore,it's just Meric.Because it's an ore,I named it that.)

So what it does is...Look cool.You can only mine it with a diamond pickaxe,but what does it do when you mine it?Well...It drops 10 of itself!Then what do you do with that?I don't know,mine it over and over again and infinite blocks?Well,you can't smelt it either so...USELESS!

But since this is my first mod,it pretty much sucks,but the block itself looks cool.It has Magic Critical particles around it.

Also,can somebody help me with this:

I can't make an item texture!Leave a suggestion in the comments,please.

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