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Ever get bored of the default minecraft metals? Well not to worry, I am here to save you. This here mod adds a total of 4 new metals, and with every new metal, comes new possibilities. This mod adds a total of four new metals. They are Azure, Etryx, Ketrite and Zagril with every tier getting slightly better. With these four new metals, and the many more to come, you can be unstoppable. Each Metal has its own set of armor and tools.


Azure - Fragment, Chunk, Ingot, Block, Tools, Armor

Etryx - Dust, Shard, Crystal, Block, Tools, Armor

Reinforced Stick

Ketrite - Mixture, Ingot, Block, Tools, Armor

Zagril - Dust, Chunk, Ingot, Block, Tools, Armor

Crafting Recipes:

Azure Crafting Recipes

Etryx Crafting Recipes

Ketrite Crafting Recipes*

Zagril Crafting Recipes*

All crafting recipe links go to an imgur page with a picture of all the recipes.

*All Ketrite and Zagril Tools use reinforced sticks instead of normal sticks.

Will you be able to get all of the metals? Only one way to find out...


Don't Forget To Be Awesome!


P.S. Due to world generation issues back in 1.7.10, when this mod started development, every metal has a crafting recipe instead of an ore underground, but I am currently in the process of remaking the entire mod and I am making the mod harder to progress through.

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