Gemmary Mod 1.3.0

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This MOD  will add 9 or more  new ore/gems, their respectives armor,weapon and toll sets, 1 to 2 new dimension ,5 to 10 new mobs, some special tools,weapons and armors, if you want download it and then if you want give me some ideas.

PS:Try it it can look boring, but it is wellmade and full of contentenets.          TANK YOU FOR YOUR DOWNLOAD =^D                             



-Enderium Tools

-Enderium Weapons

-Enderium Armor

-Enderium Gem/Ore/Block

-Oblivionite Ore


-Ore/Pickaxe bugfix

-Oblivionite Tools

-Oblivionite Weapons

-Oblivionite armor

-Oblivionite Gem/Ore/Block

-Solarite Ore



Modification files
Gemmary Mod - Try it! It include 4 gems, armor sets, weapon and tool sets. (1.0.0) OLD216.69 KB
Gemmary Mod - The new ENGLISH VERSION=^O (1.1.0) OLD217.57 KB
gemmary - Enderium weapons,armor and tools + misterious Oblivionite Ore (1.2.0) BUGGED266.94 KB
Gemmary Mod - Oblivionite weapons,armor and tools + misterios Solarite Ore (1.3.0) NEW330.56 KB

Se hai aggiunto nuove gemme aggiorna lo screenshot: io un mese fa ho fatto un aggiornamento ma senza aggiornare lo screenshot, ora aggiorno le screenshot e diventa la mid della settimana...