Fnaf World Mod 1.8.9

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This is a fnaf world mod. It will add all the charecters and bosses of fnaf world into your game. This is a mod that will take alot of time.to complete so I will realese it in snapshots.

Snapshot 1

Added Adventure Freddy, Adventure Bonnie, Adventure Chica, Adventure Foxy, and Adventure Golden Freddy

Snapshot 2

Added Adventure Toy Freddy, Adventure Toy Bonnie, Adventure Toy Chica, Adventure Mangle, Adventure Puppet, Adventure B.B, Adventure Withered Freddy, Adventure Withered Bonnie, Adventure Withered Chica, and Adventure Withered Foxy.

Snapshot 3

Added Adventure Springtrap, Adventure Phantom Freddy, Adventure Phantom Chica, Adventure Phantom Foxy, Adventure Phantom Mangle, Adventure Phantom Puppet, Adventure Phantom B.B, Adventure Crying Child, Funtime Foxy

Snapshot 4

Added Adventure Nightmare Freddy, Adventure Nightmare Bonnie, Adventure Nightmare Chica, Adventure Nightmare Foxy, Adventure Nightmare Fredbear, Adventure Nightmare, Adventure Plushtrap, Adventure Fredbear, Endo 1, Endo 2, Adventure Spring Bonnie, And Paper Pals

Snapshot 5

Added custom attacks to all fnaf 1 and toy animatronics. Also the withered animatronics . Not withered foxy though

I also need skins for the bosses. They have to be based of the steve skin template though

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