The Golden+ Mod [W.I.P]

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Hello, I'm Tony and this is my first ever Mod! 

This is still work in progress, so it might be really bad.

Version: 0.1.0

Remember this is my FIRST mod and it's W.I.P so there will be bugs and stuff. If you can, please give me some suggestions! Thanks!

Crafting Recipes:


The Golden Stick: (Craft like a stick but with gold ingots)                    

The Golden Butter Stick: Craft with 2 golden sticks and a nether star

The Portal:

To make the portal, make like a nether portal but with gold block instead, to light it up, use the Golden Butter Stick!

Incoming Updates:

0.1.1: The Easter Egg SMALL update


TODO List:

Make a Fightable Golden Butter Stick (Will appear in the Easter Egg SMALL update)



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In development
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