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A VERY work in progress mod!

Crafting recipes for the NEW, 2-24-2016 part 2 v0.1.1 snapshot!

I will show how to craft the stuff next update!

Do not let v6.6.6 in the wrong hands.



Experimental part 2 v0.1.1 Vid link here! (No download yet)


Part 1 will be forever be removed due to lagging with the mob, statue man.


New Part 2 v0.1.1 experimental version downloadable now!





You can only make a pickaxe and a sword and with onyx and platinum




Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

1. I forgot to put next update notes
2. I will make
another separate mod on this page, so you will have to get both the part 1 version you want, and the part 2 version you want in order to form the full thing.
Oh my gosh, it took me a while to load the textures because of lag,. I bet you even Muffet can't load textures that quickly:
1. Though she has 6 arms and 2 legs
2. She is a freaking spider

I am making a game on scratch called Senor Mod Uploader!
The link will be here: Not yet made

If you are asking what the music is in the crafting video, it is the undertale menu music and muffet's theme (spiderdance)

The beginning is men't to look like that the player is confused,
then of course you got the final part, the recipes.

Making a new mod! True Explorer
Just a normal mod will not be continued, Senor Mod or Senor Mod part 2 will not continue.
Senor Mod part 3 will though.