The Adventure Mod

Published by Art602 on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 15:13
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Hi this is my first mod EVER so there are a few bugs but overall a nice mod with 60+ New Blocks and Items! The Adventure Mod Has New Biomes as well and A New Dimension but it has one of the 3 bugs where it is over run by the boss mob Spytor But I guess a nice challenge for Adventure Loving Player. Don't get scared if you see a Blue Creeper I made a group of three friendly as friends can be Creepers. I also added a cute version of my Minecraft Player Art602 in game :). You could try and find the one and only Herobrine and fight him FOR GLORY! (There is a bug where he doesn't drop a Nether Star) I hope you have a fun time I am going to have a Survival Series with the mod on my YouTube Channel: Art 602. So look out for that. The last bug would be in creative DO NOT click the scroll buttons for the next page it crashes the game sadly. I hope you have fun with The Adventure Mod I would love to see what you can do with all the new blocks and items :) .  P.S. Feel free to use this in your modpack.


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UPDATE: I have released version 1.1.5 and Removed the Crash bug YAY!


UPDATE: I have made a version for 1.7.10 for a FTB Modpack.

Modification files
TheAdventureMod - - A mod of A lifetime1.05 MB - The Adventure Mod Version MB

This mod is good and maybe i will use it on a modpack with my friend but some balancement in the next version will be good =D

The Adventure Mod version 1.2 is almost ready I have called it the overhaul update

Sadly I was having issues updating the mod so it will forever be a 1.8.9 mod.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! The Adventure Mod as reached 300+ downloads across all mod Websites it is posted on. Thank You again for all your support.