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Hi, Kebabs' mod is a mod that adds a lot of new kinds of food to the original game like Durum Kebab of beff and Doner Kebab of beef.

It also includes Kebabs' roll of beef , cooked Kebabs' rolls of beef and a new type of bread. Kebabs' roll of beef are crafted using three raw beef, and then is cooked. Finally you need to cut it with the iron slicer to make slices of Kebab of beff.

With slices of Kebab and the new kind of bread you will craft Durum Kebab of beef and Doner Kebab of beef that add you differents potions effects.

It will be new updates coming soon that will include new trademarks; new kind of food like Kebab of chicken and Kebab of zombie; and new tools like the diamond slicer!

Kebabs' mod is actually at the version 1.2.8

The team of Green Jaguar Mods hope that you will enjoy it!

For more information visit our officially Twitter: @Green_Jaguar_md

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In development
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