Real Life Craft [Version 1.1 Beta , Biome Version V.1] {ADBANDONED}

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Hello Everyone this is SpaceMiners_444! =D [Please read all the description )=]

This is my second mod! it's The Real Life Craft 

The 1.1 is Here! =D . This version is called "Biome version"! =)

Well... Here's the Changelog :

--VERSION 1.0 , Copper VERSION--

-added Copper Ore

-added Copper Ingot

-added Copper set (armor and tools) 

-added Copper Coin

-added Copper Block

-added 2 New Mobs : City Co-Leader and SteamPunker

-added a new Achievement , SteamPunker BluePrints , Mechanical biome (it's a Iron biome for now) and SteamPunker ChestPlate (which gives you Jump boost 5 and Speed 2, the crafting is in the SteamPunker BluePrints description , [] on the BluePrints means one crafting table slot)

--VERSION 1.1 Beta , Biome VERSION V1--

-added Vulcanic biome with a new mob : Molten spirits , and 2 new block : Vulcanic and Ash block

-added Ancient forest Biome with 2 new mob : Native and Golem [Boss]


When we will hit 10 Download on the 1.1 V1 i will start creating 1.1 Complete! so download it to see more version! and i hope to get to 2.0 or to Mod Of The Week...but it's too early for now!


--When we will hit 100 Download on the 1.0 Version , i will submit this mod for Mod Of The week , if we fail ... we will go from 50 in 50

Well...Hope you like this first version of my mod and...see you next times! =D

(P.S. I use this mod for a Modpack , which i will use to play with my friends. I give you the possibilty to use this mod in a Modpack , too. But give me the credits! and also , if you do a YouTube showcase or series , dont say "this is a mod created by me" , but , please say "This mod if created by SpaceMiners_444 , link for MCreator page in the description" and put the link of this page in the video Description. and i'm italian , so dont insult me if i writed no-sense phrases)

Thanks for the 25 (and upper) download on the 1.0 Version of this mod! i'm really excited to arrive to 100 download! =D

sorry...but i think i can only made some mini-adjournament for this mod,because, for error i deleted all the we get to 60 download on the first version and 15 on the second i will start a new , HUGE mod! please do this for me...and also all my "fans" if we can call it this... and also i will give you a spoiler on my 3rd mod...



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