Realistic Gems

Published by RamsesV on Thu, 05/26/2016 - 02:29
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This is my first mod, and there will be more items.

The first thing you will do is mine some ruby ore.  You will manage to get Uncut Rubies.  These will not allow you to use anything in the next version of the mod, which may or may not include Armor (not likely) more ores (Yes) and a dimension (not likely either), so you will need to cut these Rubies, but how?  What you need to do is get some Gem Tools by combining Flint and Steel, and Gemmer's Glass, which is made by smelting regular glass in a furnace.  This will make five Gem Tools, as cutting one Ruby will take one Gem Tool.  Currently these are just asthetics, but I will improve on them, and add even more.


Some Things:

Yes, I know there are some pixels that are showing in some of the textures, I will need to fix that.  And and someone please make a better textured Gem Tool?  I just couldn't find something that was right.


Signing off,


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