InfectCraft (1.8.9) 1.1 The knife udapte (ended project)

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If you dream to have more things, more monsters.InfectCraft add new weapons , new monsters and other things

Hey guys!! my 3 third mod is published! this name is infectcraft 1.1 alpha,is a mini udapte,next version is beta 1.2

1 New block:the blood block

1 new armor:cyborg armor

1 new gun and weapon:the rocket launcher and knife:10 Attack damage

1 new biome:the zombie biome

and 4 new mobs:

1 New miniboss and boss and 2 mobs:

cyborg zombie:50HP is a miniboss drop cyborg armor

zombie mage:90HP is a boss drop like a witch

living head:20HP Drop blood tear

and blood slime:16HP drop blood tear,new texture in beta 1.2


1.0 Changelog (first udapte):

added 4 mobs

added 4 guns

added black iron ore and ingot

added bullet

added military gift block

added blood tear

added 1 armor set

1.1 changelog(knife udapte):

added blood block

added knife

added rocket launcher

added 4 mobs

added 1 biome

added 1 armor set

Enjoy :-)!!!

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