ReversiCraft - Recycle unused items/blocks!

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While the crafting recipe change for doors in 1.8 (6 blocks = 3 doors, rather than just 1) gives players a better bang for their buck, you don't always need those 2 extra doors; so you'll throw them in a chest where they'll sit for ages, untouched and unused. Other times you'll create too many rails, glass panes, carpets, stairs, or slabs that, like the extra doors, will just sit around in chests. 

When resources are running low, it'd be nice to be able to recycle crafted items back to their core components - and this mod does just that! For many of the items/blocks crafted by one type of block, this mod allows you to craft them back to their original block. It outputs at a 1:1 ratio - so, taking the doors for example, 1 door will give you 2 blocks (as 6 blocks in the original recipe gives you 3 doors). 

This mod works for any colorized/type-specific items, so putting in a birch door will give you two birch blocks; the same goes for glass panes and wool. 

As far as the recipes go, I've separated the full list into sublists by how they're crafted.

Single item recipes:

  • Doors / Trapdoors
  • Furnaces
  • Crafting Tables
  • Pressure Plates
  • Bowls
  • Buttons
  • Signs

Two (vertical) item recipes:

  • Stairs 
  • Slabs (Except for Sandstone, Stone Bricks, Quartz, and Purpur - as these four already have specialized blocks that they output)
  • Blaze powder

Three item recipes:

  • Carpet (placed vertically)
  • Fences (horizontally or vertically)
  • Ladders (vertically)

Four item recipes:

  • Sticks (placed in a block to produce 1 oak plank)

Eight item recipes (placed in all slots but the middle) :

  • Carpet
  • Glass panes
  • Rails (Just the normal ones)
  • Iron bars

And lastly - cooking poisonous potatos in a furnace produces a normal potato :)


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Submitted by Goldorion on Mon, 07/08/2019 - 13:28

Can you add some pictures of your mod please ? however, it's look nice !