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Basic description are written in here. If the original mod creator (3mptied) doesn't give a permission to it, I will delete this mod personally.

Crafting Receipes:
Basically, it looks like this:
Just change the glass into every blocks you can imagine!

If you want to go into pumpkin dimension, just replace the glass to pumpkin, and build a portal which it's frame are pumpkins, then ingite it.


1) Since the sand and gravel gravity were fixed, so at now you can't go to these 2 dimensions.
2) about the water and lava dimensions, first at the most you have to build the special block like this:
Water block receipeLava block receipe

then build 12 of them into a portal respectively and the ingiter requires their blocks as well. But something I have to warn you:

I. the water dimension and lava dimension are laggy.

II. the cobweb dimensions are mostly rated the hardes dimension ever. Be careful adventuring there!

III.while building the mushroom, ores dimension, you need to have a slik touch pickaxe.

IV. for coal,iron,gold,emerald,lapis lazuii,redstone,diamond and emerald blocks, you have to make upgraded ingiter:
they are shapeless actually!

After that, surround the upgraded ingiter with the items you need, take an example, if you want to go to redstone block dimension, surround the upgraded ingiter with redstone:
you can replace redstone into iron or gold ingot, lapis, diamond or emerald.

then build the portal with redstone blocks. (for redstone dimension case) Last but not least, ingite the portal.

for the last words, I will show you what's inside the dimensions:

In a nutshell, thanks for reading and please rate if you like it :D

Modification files
Complex Dimension Mod 1.8.9.zip - download me pls senpai?1.67 MB