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Published by RedArch on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 01:19
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Hey this mod is made for all those diamond lovers. There are two hidden secrets within the mod which you should look for Like one Is a crafting recipe :D



-About the mod: In this mod it adds a new biome and dimension filled with you guessed it DIAMONDS
 also I added other things such as two differnt foods, I added a DIAMOND FREAKING GUN it is actually called that wow, I also added Fake diamonds there spawn at the same level real diamonds do don't wanna mine them BECUASE THEY EXPLODE but if you survive it will drop a diamond block when it is destroyed,I added the Diamond Spirit which is my faviorte creation in this mod it cost very much but gives you six when you do craft it And when right clicked gives you diamonds BUT takes away duribillty so it dosn't last forever,I have added a few more things you may find in the mod.



 Please download the mod and tell me if you enjoyed it.

                                                                          By TheShadowVigil/RedArch

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