The Fubby Mod

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The fubby mod is an ... interesting mod, and will be updated soon. This mod adds in one mob, the Fubby. If you kill this mob you will get Fubby leather and maby a fubby beak. You can use the Fubby leather to craft a set of armor, or strengthen it with a bunch of vauble matirials. If you use this strenthened fubby leather, you can make a more powerfull armor than diamond. The helmet will give you speed when worn, but you need the fubby beak to craft it. If you find any bugs with the mod, contact me.

Modification files
Fubby - Version 1.057.42 KB

Hello my fellow minecraftians, when I posted the fubby mod on Mcreator I only planned to use it as A download site for my mod. But when planet Minecraft pulled my mod, I basically gave up on moding. (Loooong story there) But today I checked back, and found that I had 8 downloads, 8! So I have decided to get back into the fubby mod, and many others, So soon ( some time in the year judging my schedule.) you may see the Fubby mod reloaded, the MLG mod and more!