Electronics Mod

Published by JMTNTBANG on Sun, 07/17/2016 - 21:33
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The Electronics Mod:


Circut Board: 3 Wires + 6 Green Stained Clay = 1 Circut Board

Wire: 4 Redstone = 1 Wire


Hard Drive: 6 Polished Andisite + 2 Wires + 1 Chest = 1 Hard Drive

Operating System: 7 Light Blue Stained Clay + 1 Circut Board + 1 Hard Drive = 1 Operating System

Screen: 9 Black Stained Glass Pane = 1 Screen

Phone Case: 8 Light Blue Stained Clay = 1 Phone Case

Phone: 6 Light Blue Stained Clay + 1 Screen + 1 Phone Case + 1 Operating System = 1 Phone





Phone Home Screen GUI:

Power 0.1-0.5 Do No Damage To Ground Or Players.

Explosion Sizes:

Power 1

Power 2

Power 3

Power 4

Power 5



CAUTION: Pressing Power 5 too many times may crash your game.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
electronics.jar - Electronics Mod Version 1.0 For MC 1.9.462.13 KB

I love electronic mods that really propel minecraft into adventurous worlds of fun and this one is my 4 favorite electronic mod #1 being iphone and #2 being web displays etc.

No problem.you should definitely add more things to the GUI nut other than that its an AMAZING mod my mod i've been working on for 4 months now and all I have only 5 items imagine how long it took to make orespawn but if you keep staying strong you could make a made even better than orespawn you only need to have confidence

Hey JMTNTBANG im making a texture pack and do you want to test it when it is finished?

ok when its done I will type a link to it and you will basically play survival or what ever you want with it and tell me what you think I should fix and what I should add

JMTNTBang Ok do you have any requests for the rescource pack anything you want me to add before you see it