Be Graceful!

Published by 16foltzz on Sun, 07/24/2016 - 14:18
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This is a mod based on Oldschool Runescape's Graceful Outfit. It implements: Graceful Ore, a new ore containing "Mark of Grace", Mark of Grace, which is used to craft the armor (recipes are standard helmet, body, legs, boots layout so no confusion there), finally Graceful Helmet, Graceful Body, Graceful Leggins, and Graceful Boots. Yes, the seperate "equipable" peices added by this mod give boosts! I wont spoil that one for you! :P Also Jagex Ltd. 1999-present owns the names and "ideal textures" of this mod, I DO NOT own the names and references made in this mod, thank you!

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In development
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