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This mod works like a gallery of various powerful swords and with various enemies to defeat. This mod includes 11 Mobs (including the 2 bosses), 42 items (including the 5 swords and the 5 "Magic Books"), 1 biome and 4 blocks. The mod special features are The swords (that have 23 of damage or better), the Mobs and Bosses (each of them have a different and interesting design) and the magic books (they work like an encyclopedia of the mod).

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Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Version 1.0.4462.29 KB
Version 1.0.3401.09 KB
  • Added White Hand (Mob), Kuchi (Mob), Fire Pixie (Mob), Dark Crystal (Mob), Red Magic (Useless for PLAYERS), Time Charm, Monster Book: Phantom Volume, Darkrus (Boss), Strange Key,?????? Book: Dark Volume, Closed Book, Dark Heart, Zodiac Sword.
  • Changed the textures of all of the Crystals and Ores.
  • Name Changes:"Sun" to "Sun Element", "Dark Ore" to "Black Ore, "Dark Crystal (Item)" to "Black Crystal".
  • Removed the 3 New Structures, Hourglass, Blue Crystal, Blue Ore, Mutant Seeds, Pure Star Caller, Ice Sword, Ice Element, Ice Flower.
  • The Scary Biome has been enhanced a little bit.
  • The Scope of the mod has been reduced.
  • Changed the recipe for Pure Star.

I see you created a pretty nice mod. A better description could help you get more people to download it ;)