Stonecraft [1.9.4]

Published by BFiliz on Mon, 08/01/2016 - 18:00
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Please note that it is only for Minecraft 1.9.4 and requires forge!


Have you ever noticed how boring digging stone is? This mode gives stone a bit randomization and makes mining more enjoyable!

This mod adds a lot of types of stone to the game that you can find while mining... but you can't know what it is unless you dig! They look the same, but they act differently!




 - Lightning stone: Right click to strike a lightning on... and become a God!

 - Explosive stone: Once you dig it, it explodes! (recommended for ragequits :P)

 - Diamond stone: A gift that includes 2 diamonds in!

 - Gravel stone: A gravel that has a 100% chance to give flint. It is also affected by gravity.

 - Dead stone: Find a skeleton or bones in it.

 - Troll stone: You have better discover it yourself :D

 - Holy stone: Cool effects around... but unbreakable.

 - Super coal/iron/gold ore: Get 4 to 8 ingots without melting anything!

 - Frightening stone: You might got hit and the sountrack "13" may start playing...

 - Fake diamond ore: The name explains everything :/

 - Food stone: Gives you a cake... but is it a lie?

 - Wither stone: Gives you 3 wither skeleton heads and helps you to spawn wither!

 - Ender stone: Gives you 2 eyes of ender and 2 obsidian blocks. Closer to make an ender chest!

 - Hunger stone: Gives you hunger effect and some instant damage :(

 - Dyed Stone: 8 different stones, more decoration!



 - Stone grass: Gives 8 cobblestone blocks instantly!

 - Dirt grass: Gives 8 dirt blocks instantly!



 - A dungeon that includes an iron ore, 2 beds, a chest, some loot and traps



 - Adds 3 new achievements



 - You can craft enchanted tools with lightning stone!

 - You can get a coal every 50 seconds with coal spawner!


Get your pickaxe and start mining!

If you have any suggestions or if you want to report a bug, mail me on

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