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This is the Purplium mod for Minecraft 1.10.2. It currently adds only a handful of blocks and items, but note that this mod is very, very, VERY early in development and is HUGELY a W.I.P. mod.




- Added Purplium Armor

- Added Purplelion

- Added Crushed Purplium

- Added Unknown Powder

- Added a recipe for Bottles 'O Enchanting

- Added 2 achievements

- Compact Purplium Ore now has a texture similar to that of Compact Purplium Blocks


What the mod adds:

Purplium Ore: A new ore that generates in the Overworld at Y: 63 and below. Can only be mined with an Iron Pickaxe and better. Drops 1 Purplium Shard when broken.

Purplium Shard: A shard that is not very useful in itself, but can be melted into Molten Purplium if smelted in a Furnace.

Molten Purplium: A bucket of Molten Purplium. Can be crafted with a Mold to create a Purplium gem. (Yes, it's in a Bucket, but you WON'T get a Bucket back! And you can NOT pour it on the ground!)

Mold: A piece of wood with a hole the shape of a gem in it. Can be crafted with Molten Purplium to create a Purplium gem. Crafted with any wooden slab in a boat shape.

Purplium: A gem that is purple. It can be used in most crafting recipes in the mod.

Flammable Purplium: A very flammable powder. Can be used as a lighter for a Purple portal. Crafted with a Purplium Block, 4 Flint And Steel, and 4 Purplium gems.

Purple Dimension: A dimension that floats in an unknown location. It is completely made of Compact Purplium Blocks and has floating patches of End Stone, similar to those in the End.

Compact Purplium Block: A very compact block. It is what makes up the Purple dimension. It cannot be crafted, and it cannot be crafted into Purplium gems.

Purple Grass: A W.I.P. block. Cannot be crafted or found. Can only be obtained through Creative Mode.

Compact Ore: A W.I.P. block. Supposed to spawn in the Purple dimension, but it can only be obtained through Creative Mode. Drops 3 Purplium Shards when broken.

Purplium Armor: Armor made from Purplium. It is stronger than iron, but weaker than diamond.

Purplelion: A dandelion that is stained purple. Does not spawn naturally and has a rare chance of spawning with bone meal. Can be crafted into purple dye.

Crushed Purplium: Purplium that was crushed into a powder. Can be used to make Unknown Powder (this feature may soon be removed.)

Unknown Powder: A powder that defies the Laws of Physics. Can be used to make Bottles O' Enchanting.

Modification files
purplium02.zip - Purplium v0.2 (latest)Uploaded on: 09/02/2016 - 21:16   File size: 121.28 KB
purplium.mcr - Purplium v0.1Uploaded on: 08/21/2016 - 17:41   File size: 95.1 KB

Not to be rude- but... this isn't creative.. whatsoever. I'm sorry man. And don't reply saying something along the lines of "Oh, your'e mods are just as in-creative as mine" because i take time and effort to mine. unlike yours, wich only took like an hour or two. :P

Yo this mod is a heavy W.I.P., so don't take this as a reflection to what will be in the final version.