New Adventure Mod!

Published by LightDung on Sun, 08/21/2016 - 09:50
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Hello guys, this is my second mod called New Adventure Mod.

The old mod is discontunied because I lost my workspace. So this mod is in beta,

it is lack of features!

Features in Beta:​

Cyan Ore
Lush Ore
Topaz Ore
Topaz Block
Hard Stone (cannot be destroyed by using TNT)
Hard Wood and Planks
Standard Leaves
Cyan Ingot
Lush Ingot
Topaz Gem
Topaz Weapons
Topaz Sword
Nether Realmstone
Hard Realmstone
Lush Realmstone

Coming soon...

I hope you enjoyed this mod! If you find bugs or some ideas, write this on a comment.
Current Version: Beta Prelease








Modification files
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