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This is a Brand New Mod i have been working on! it seems to fit my tastes so i am releasing it out to the public. PLEASE NOTE: this is the first release of this mod, IT WILL NOT BE PERFECT!!! Enjoy and have a good time! Please tell me about anything that needs fixing and i will fix it in the next update1 veiw my Youtube channel to be posted about updates and what i added atā€‹! As i seid enjoy and see you in the next update!

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In development
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I have currently in the process of making a new update, Will contain Sapphire Ore + tools/armor, Ruby Ore + tools/Armor, fixes in current tool design, and fixes in tools themselves. feel free to list any suggestions in the comments.there will be more to this update. PLEASE RECORD A MODSHOWCASE OF THIS MOD FOR A CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR MOD SHOWCASE AS THE SOWCASE ON THIS PAGE rules: Record one for every update to keep your position, And must be accurate! will check submissions on Sunday.

I will no longer be working on this mod due to an update that erase my progress. But I am currently working on a different mod that is similar. All I can tell you is it will be for Minecraft 1.8.