Minecraft Evolution Mod v1.14.0 Release

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Minecraft Evolution Mod


- Added Ash Block (every block hit by the lightning staff will become an Ash Block)

- Tweaked Camera from Item form to Block form

- Tweaked Mining Machine name to Digging Machine

- When used, the Digging Machine will now get deactivated

- Tweaked Glowing Basalt Texture (now it is dynamic)

- Tweaked Fire and Lightning Staffs functionality

- Staffs will now be damaged but not consumed on use

- Fixed Staffs not working

- Fixed Camera not working

- Fixed indigo lamp (on) not breakable

- Fixed (Hopefully) marble and basalt path

Version issues

- (MCE-1-1.14.0) Chalkboard items not working (This is an issue with MCreator)


Notice that this version is just a development build, so it could contain some more bugs than the ones listed below 

- Added marble and basalt paths

- Added indigo flower, wool, lamp, extract and soup

- Added limestone (More variants coming with the next update)

- Added Fire staff (like said below, the event are programmed, but not working)


New version known issues:

- (MCE-3) Cameras item won't work.

- (MCE-4) Chalkboards item won't work.

- (MCE-5) Magic staffs won't work.

- (MCE-6) Indigo lamp (state: On) cannot be broken.

- (MCE-7) Marble and basalt models could be buggy.

(Fix for those issues is coming with the new update, that will be out soon!)



After some moths, i decided to re-open the MCE project.


Added a new ore: the amethyst! It can craft an amethyst knife!

Added marble cobblestone, marble craked bricks and basalt craked bricks

Added one of the most powerful items in the MCE world: the staff of lightnings! 

No more crashes (1.12 had very easy ways to crash)

Removed music block and combustion table (Petroil now crafts in crafting table)

I believe that it's not more compatible with 1.9.4 and 1.10


added a pretty new fantastic block: the Music Block, which opens a GUI with songs that you can play.

Musics: Minecraft Theme Remix, OMFG-Hello (More songs coming soon)

Project in testing: Volcanoes from Redpower (shield and high ones, if the development of those structures will be succesfully finished, the Volcanoes biome will be sadly removed)

Added Marble paver (new texture and properties), Marble chiseled, Marble carved

Bug fixes

All the features from the MCEv1.12 builds (1 & 2)

1.11 coming soon

1.12 build#2:

-Added Reinforced gold pickaxe

-Adeed jetpack (will only give you jum boost lvl 13 while wearing)

-Fixed the MCE1.8.0's bug (see it in the 1.8.0 changelog)

ANNOUNCEMENT: i am thinking to make the MCE Open-source, uploading an mcr file... what do you think?

1.12- build #1:

-Added Electrum alloy

-Added Electrum dust

-Added petroil and petroil tanks


-Added NPC (male and famale from MCPE)

-Added ChalkBoard (From MCPE)


-bugs fixes


-some new improvements

-Found bugs

-lots of new decoration block, like Glowstone bricks or Ender bricks, grey marble, Marble paver, New basalt decorations....

-New blue diamond, blue diamond block, blue diamond apple (with effects!)

Try this! The mod is always updating, thanks to you that dowload it, it was a very hard work!

-New bug found: With this version of MCE, the weapons will not show you the animation of the 1.9 combat method. You have been warned!  


-New GlowingObsidian (From MC:PE)

-New Blazering Start (Amazing texture, enchanted when crafted with fire aspect, explode on rightclick)

-New Blazering Blade

-New MarbleHills biome, where you can get a lot of that white stone!

I hope you will like the mod!


  • Changed the functionality of the quiver
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improvements to the camera

News: Possibly new amethyst gem | Possibly new biomes

Now you need to craft the quivers with the arrows wich are in the game (Tipped arrows quiver will not work with all the other tipped arrows that are in the game instead the normal tipped arrows[craftable with the water lingering bottle])

1.6.0 Pre-3:

  • New Blue, Orange, Purple Topazes
  • New Blaze lance
  • Improvements to ALL the new biomes!

1.6.0 Pre-2:

  • Now compatible only with 1.9.4/1.10/1.10.2 (Before compatible with 1.9 too)
  • rubies
  • quiver
  • new basalt decorations

If you find bugs, tell me in the comments below!

1.6.0 Pre-1:

  • Re-added Iron arrows now with silver shooter!
  • Ender gems! 
  • Ender sword!
  • Ender little bricks!

News(1.6.0Pre-2): Rubies! Blaze Sword!


  • New Achievements! Try the new 9 achievements!
  • New Arid Lands Biome!
  • News: Possibly return of Iron arrows and Silver Bow! Rubies! rubies are arriving on the mod! Amethyst! Ender Gems! You can try them when MCEv1.6.0-pre1 will come out!
  • ANNOUNCE: The MCEv1.6.0 will be one of the biggest updates ever! So I decided to make some Pre-releases before the official Release!
  • Confirmed Features for MCEv1.6.0:Rubies! Ender Gems!


  • Added Sapphires
  • Added Malachite (Spawns in the nether)
  • Improvements to the camera model and texture
  • Fixed a bug with the Marble slab that allowed you to see the world under the block (MC-MCE1)
  • Removed Silver bow and Iron arrow for causes crashes
  • Fixed bug Volcanoes biome spawned often (MC-MCE2)


  • New Silver Bow
  • New Iron Arrow


  • New ores: Copper, Tin, Lead, Silver, Mithril
  • New materials: Copper ingot, Tin ingot, Lead ingot, Lapis ingot, Bronze ingot, Mithril ingot, Silver ingot, Lead ingot, Copper dust, Tin dust, Magic gem
  • New tools: Copper set, Bronze set, Silver set, Lapis set, Prismarine set
  • New armors: Bronze set, Lead set, Prismarine set, Lapis necklace (gives you speed and regeneration)
  • New blocks: Copper, Tin, Bronze, Mithril, Lapis Ingots block, Silver, Lead, Basalt, Basalt cobble, Basalt bricks, Chiseled basalt, Basalt paver, Basalt slab, Marble, Marble bricks, Marble slab
  • New biome: Volcanoes
  • New decoration: Cameras (can be spawned with the egg in creative and with the item in survival, they drops wood)


To Do list:

  • Give me some suggestiones


Modification files
mce-1.14.0.jar - Download ModUploaded on: 09/16/2017 - 13:38   File size: 2.57 MB

Stolen textures, example Copper Gear: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/Copper_Gear_(Thermal_Expansion_3)

hey man calm down I always said that i'm not a good textures designer please calm down

actually it is not ok
if he is not a great texture designer, he can still try his best in making his own textures

1. The camera texture IS from MCPE because i really like it, so i wanted to import it to my mod for decoration.
2. How many times I must to tell you that I'm not a good texture maker?!
3.Can you read? If yes, read the previous comments by me!!!

Yes, I think that you can use the camera texture, but you can't use other mod's textures. You should ask to the mod developers if you can use them. The fact that you can't make better textures isn't an excuse. Imagine how did the developers that made the original textures work hard.