Candy Boy

Published by loressa on Thu, 09/08/2016 - 03:04
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The Candy Boy mod

Who doesn't love candy?

The Candy Boy mod will satisfy your sweet tooth and will have you drooling for more! And what's more, all the candy will give you potion effects!

All candy is craft-able apart from chocolate. But Candy Boys will spawn on the Plains Biome and you can trade your candy with them and they'll give you chocolate. You'll find it comes in handy as it completely tops up your hearts with regeneration, as well as giving you speed and strength!

You'll find you need to make lots of sugar, so it will pay to grow your own sugar cane. You'll also need to find several types of flowers for dye and grow wheat and gather milk and even snowballs!

Then there's the Mob Candy. It will give you a good effect but also a bad effect, so use wisely!

Candy boys will drop candy canes if killed, but won't take them back. Their rare drop is ice cream. They also won't take mob candy.

Finally, you can craft Candy Weapons! There's a candy cane gun that shoots candy sticks, and a lollipop club. Both have 24 attack damage, and will one hit kill all mobs of the Overworld. Candy cane guns only require 1 candy stick in your inventory and they will shoot them forever. Both gun and club have a durability of 300, so will last you a long time.

Enjoy the Candy Boy mod, but remember to brush your teeth after playing!

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