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NEW: Version 1.1 - The Food Update

Added many Christmassy foods, from Mince Pies to Christmas Pudding to Snowball Cupcakes!


Christmas is coming along soon this year, and it's time to add your Minecraft into the fun! Bored of the present chests on Christmas? Well the Craftmas Mod adds many Christmas-themed things for you to enjoy in your Minecraft world, from new foods to new blocks. This mod is currently being heavily worked on, so new updates will be frequent. Just check the website for updates. The changelog can also be found on the website.


Here are a list of things added by the mod:

A new set of tools (Snow)

Peppermint and Candy Canes

Baubles which can be crafted into diamonds.

Pom Poms which can be used to craft Festive Armor

A new biome (North Pole)

Lots of foods!

If you need to contact me regarding glitches or suggestions, please do so on the forums on our website.


Old versions can be found on the website.


This mod was created by gerbillover. If this mod is found on a website other than MCreator, please contact me as this is not allowed.


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