Roads & Streets (old edition) - Discontinued

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📢 Mod has been remade: 31st/January/2019 and is currently in progress of being published!

Mod Notice:

This mod is for an old version (1.10.2) and this mod's 'file' was lost and has been discontinued.
Also, a NEW replacement mod (Roads-And-Streets-V2) has been published which don't get confused; The "New" mod is completely different to this.

The new mod will soon include other mods for building cities, buildings, decorations. etc.

You may download this mod at your own risk, but PLEASE make sure to only use it on test worlds.

More info in the "What's new? -tab"

Modification files
roadsandstreetsdg.jar - PLEASE TRY THE NEW CITY MOD FIRST!! >> Download Unstable Mod <<1.65 MB

This is not an update. This is a notice.

This mod wasn't backed up enough and the save file was lost.

     What does this mean?

  • A brand new fresh mod has been published.
  • This mod will no-longer be updated as there are alt mod's such as my new Road's and Street's (Completely different mod)

     The new mod is completely different? Huh. Can I move my worlds onto the new mod..??

  • No you may not as the mod elements have different names and textures, This may cause world corruptions.
  • And yes the new mod is completely different, Just the name is the same.
  • One more note: This mod is not survival friendly as the New Mod will be survival friendly when it hits BETA!

Really sorry about that.