Mikite Mod v2.5

Published by Wistening on Sun, 11/06/2016 - 20:01
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In development
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MikiteMod is the first mod I've made.

Currently it adds,

-[NEW] A mob that drops gold ingots, rarely Mikite.

-[NEW] A cookie made from combining mikite and an original cookies, it heals you!

-[NEW]Dirt armor, hey, it's better than nothing...

-1 Dimension (Any Hardened Clay; Ignited with an AlexCo.Ignitor; Pretty Much just for mining Mikite)


-A Sword

-A Gun (1 stick in the bottom left, 3 MikiteOres in the middle)

-Mikite Armor (Craft it like you usually craft armor, except with Mikite)

-LiquidMikite(No purpose, cannot find naturally)

-And of course, mikite blocksĀ and mikite ore

Modification files
mikitemod-2.5.jar - Latest mikite file164.57 KB