Mo' Socks Mod Beta V2.0 For 1.7.10 (THE NEW UPDATE)

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Mo' Socks Mod is a mod witch that add's in a lot of mob's into the game and they can be also nice or bad too! and yep this mod is made with MCreator tho! and yep i did add some new mob's into this mod Like the Hungry Bettle The Dogman And More in this mod! so get ready for the scares everyone!



Sock Boy

Sock Woman

Hammerd Brother

Sock And Haired Sock

Salad Findles

Hungry Bettle


Starved Lady

And more mob's i'm going to add soon in my mod


Battery Pickaxe

Battery Axe


Battery Sword

The Land Of Toast Boy Book

Dogman Egg Spawner

Rusty Spoons! For Salad Fingers

Sandman's Head


Black Dirt

Black Grass

Battery Ore

Sandman's Head

and more blocks i'm going to adding that soon in my next update


Everyone's Reaction To The Mod

And also! we also forget one thing in this mod! The Land Of Toast Boy Dimension!

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In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

Submitted by Abdoo36 on Mon, 06/19/2017 - 23:32

im making a mod pack and 99% of mcreator mods crashes while puted with other mods in mods folder i added Hodge-Podge mod it worked great ill see if your mod can be added too :D