Advanced Items

Published by Astralion on Mon, 12/26/2016 - 13:52
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​ -Ores

-  It gives Copper Heloid Amethyst Amber and Silver  ​-Mobs                                                                                                                                                                                          -KillButterflys and Living Terrors they drop Terror Shards and Brokrn Butterfly Wings


​-Amethyst Copper and Silver are the main things to build tools also it gives chain cases with this you make armor and chainsaws you need Heloid for Iron Sticks


​- Magma Armor Amethyst Armor and Copper Armor are corrently in the game

-To Battle

- Amethyst Copper Silver and Magma are Things to Craft Weapons

​-Infusion Orb

-Later is the Infusion Orb the Main Thing you can Upgrade Sword tools and armor with it

​This is my first mod i hope you like it ;)  ADDON: In view Days Offical Advanced Items 2 cames out


Modification files
advanced_items.jar - Giant Update345.01 KB
advanced_items_2.jar - Bug Fix + Terror Update Newest386.64 KB
advanced_items_2.jar - Advanced Items 2162.13 KB